The Flag Project Makes the News…

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And here, Elizabeth Small-Isaacs writes another great article for Travellers Times!

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Click here to read an earlier article by Lizzie Isaacs; Remembering Zigeunernacht- The Night of the Gypsies; August 2nd, 1944.

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The idea for a flag unique to Romanisaels -Romanichals, Kaale, Cale, Sinti Mannouche, as well as Romanitchel and Manouche in France, who would like to join us (we believe we are also one people!), this First Wave gathering, is a purely grassroots idea sparked by Elizabeth Small-Isaacs (UK), Paul K Roos (Sweden), Amanda Schreiber (Canada/USA), Johnny Jack Pearce (USA), and is overwhelmingly supported by families in our respective countries and beyond. We believe the Romanichal flag salutes the importance of cultural unity and promotes the alliance between us, wherever we reside.

The purpose of this international project is not to replace the existing all-inclusive Romani flag.   The Romanisael -Romanichal flag serves as a new patrin just for us, as we finally recognize our certain and parallel history worldwide and reawaken the bond between our people.

It has been too long.

When the first wave of our ancestors entered Scotland through Holland in the late 1400’s some went into Scandinavia. From Scotland, it is common knowledge that many Romanisaels-Romanichals were sent across to Norway in the early 1500’s; there was much traveling back and forth. Through Scandinavian national records and other primary resource documentation, we accept that there are common ancestors between us. We are the same people with identical and undeniable traditions and dialects; separated only by continental accents and host-country histories.

In South Africa, English Romanichals served their Queen during various wars such as the Boer Wars; as military and as support. Some saw opportunity and stayed behind while some continued to travel back and forth to the UK. The transportation and migration of Romanichals to New Zealand and Australia, is well-documented and recognized.

The initial Romanichal-Romanisael migration of the 1850’s into Canada and the United States is also well documented and recognized, as families have endured together and retained our history, culture, and way of life.

We are one people.